Greenmount Primary School - community centre

This is a set of pictures I took on the 2 Crosses challenge event. Most of them are related to the school I went to as a nipper. Very little has changed.

The front entrance. The date 1848 is above the door

The side entrance. These steps were not there when I was a pupil. I remember one of my mate climbing onto the roof to get a ball back. This door led to cloakroom. Pretty sure that the window to the right was the staff room. Which was also the room where the nit nurse used - and we had injections which I also hated - no I won't be a big boy!

The back of the school. There was a dividing stone wall where the blue gate now is. There was a door in this wall. The infants played on the other side.

View from the back where the toilets were. I do not think we even had any indoor toilets when I was at school. No sure there was a door in this wall until the school got its own kitchen. We had meals delivered every day in strange metal canisters until then. Everything was an insip sort of greyish colour. I suppose they were nourishing, but I do recall a lot of staying in till I had finished. That strange purple building is the Bulls Head pub. Been in occasionally. Its OK the beer's not purple!

The back entrance into the infants. Mrs Meadley's territory. I remeber a lot of lining up, holding hands with girls arghhh..., but also occasionally doing lessons outside whoopee!!

The very bottom of the infant playground. There was a gate here. For some strange reason - it was really important to be first out to guard the gate from girls at break time and dinner time. Stopped them playing soppy girly games. Couldn't beat "cowies and indies" (Cowboys and Indians) The church on the left is Greenmount congregational church. The vicar occasionally came and gave us a good grilling on the evils of drink. 30 years later did I find that he was a hypocritical old fool!

From across the road. Those windows are the ones that are in the main hall, where the top sets were. I spent 2 years in the hall.

The front, Hard to believe its been 50 years since I have stepped foot through this door!

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