Blackpool College of Technology and Art !971-2 Students' Union Handbook

Wow! digging in the past again.
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Hopefully a trip down memory lane!

Hope you have a quick download because these are big files! I have another publication I kept from all the years ago - see if I can dig it out!

It was during this year that the main part of the college moved to Bispham. This view is taken from the external corner of Elswick building looking along Thornton building.

The record Salon is no more the two chaps who owned it moved into a stall on Waterloo road market. I did some repair work for them at times.

The Stanley Arms is part of the The Blackpool Inn scene, still a student haunt, clinging on by its fingernails - still called the "Blue Room"

There were some very formal elements in student union life, the handbook is one of them. Considering how principled we were about all sorts of 60's activities "Milk snatcher Thatcher out!" and other political agendas, there was still a traditional air about the place.

David Hughes - What a fine chap, he wrote most of the editorial single handed - put together the pages, lots of work with the advertisers. I believe he was Vice President to Bill Petty the year before this one. I think he went working for Ford.

David Mitchell was a fine principal for the college. He oversaw the move from Central Campus and the transition to the new building at Bispham. He came to our wedding and we still have the gift he brought - sometimes used too! Thank you David. His wife was delightful too.

No idea who the other guy is! Never met him. Or at least don't remember!

Paul was a catering student in his final year  - rightly always wanted things done properly.
The societies prospered this year

As did the departmental societies - they were taken very seriously Pretty sure these societies do not exist any-more, but they were good vehicles for students to organise and get brownie points for CV's. As I recall they had some quite impressive guests and functions.

Interesting to note that the Students' Union operated the Canteens. Staff were paid via the union. Note the Raikes Parade Annex is now the Salvation Army place on Raikes Parade. If you read it not much has changed. We all piled into the TV lounge to watch the moon landings. Still strikes a chord when I go in this room. Now called Practice Room 1 in Montreal Building.

Big changes here. Very few college nights now!
Rev Allcock and Connie Anderson - She was "stolen" by the Rev at the start of '71. She did a superb job for the Student Union. The previous secretary, Irene retired and bought a newsagent on Haweside Lane, popped in a few times at the beginning. The Rev married us at Forest Gate.

I know where two of these people are! Perhaps an internet search will find Graham Thomas and Paul Bonsall, particularly likeable and capable chaps. Penny stayed a while I believe. Remained in touch for quite a while.

Remained in touch for Peter for a long time after my student journey - still in touch with Ann his better half from the time. Moved abroad in the end I think. Not sure what happened to the others.

The sensible ones - perhaps... Stayed in touch with the NUS secretary for a long while, last time I saw her - bringing breakfast in bed! (Don't get the wrong end of the stick -2014)

No idea where Alan has gone - most of the advertisers are not there any more!

Pretty impressive for a business!
As I recall we made a stonking profit the following year. Poulton Building at Bispham got an alcohol licence and a music licence, for a while it was really quite popular. The Union employed a business manager. A couple of good years. I visited once or twice - felt very old and out of place - the world had moved on - I was only 23!

Gone I think - Constitution was quite heavy going!

Just the same too!

I worked at Cooksons - another place they knocked down!
My daughter lives where I used to stack bread. I remember it being under 3 feet of water once!

Still there?

I think Brian Rossi is still about. The Greyhound Stadium shared with Blackpool Rugby League. Spent a couple of years going there to train (Gone to the dogs!) Diamond Lil's has now been remoddelled I guess - but the college had a few good functions there. Interviewed John Lee Hooker there - backed by the Groundhogs. Also Roy Harper did a very memorable gig there too.

I think Derbyshire's bread got flattened too - nearly worked there
That's it for now!