Leeds - Liverpool Canal at Shipley

This is a collection of Pictures taken at the Leeds Liverpool Canal at Shipley the milemarkers are here. This is the page that the website comes from. But please visit this site too - loads of information!
On my second visit headed to opposite direction, into Shipley proper. 

Benchmark on bridge

Gallows Bridge Cottage

From Gallows Bridge Cottage

Kirk Ireton

These are the pictures that I took at Kirk Ireton church yard. The names are familiar to me. Some of them are descendents from Mary Blackwells relatives.

Ann Downing

Michael Guy Powell

John Blackwall Evans Blackwall

From the memorial to the churh

Towards the rear of the church

From the church

Towards the memorial

John Eaton Blackwall

John Blackwall Evans Blackwall

John Blackwall

Mary Blackwall
Frances Blackwall
Ann Blackwall
Catherine Blackwall

Richard Meverill Blackwall

Alfred Williams

Thomas Cockayne

Inside Peel Tower and some pictures from the top

These are the pictures from the Peelers event. if you return to the original blogsite - more information!
Doorway onto the balcony

Halfway up misty breath!

Don't look up

Or Down!

Just below the top

Looking up the Valley towards Ramsbottom

Bull Hill on the left

Looking to the left of Bull Hill

Towards Bury from the South

Looking down from the top

And again!

Looking down!

Closer to the bottom

The door to the balcony

The last corner before the bottom,
It seemed colder and stiller here for some reason

The first step up!

Almost at the bottom

Bull hill in the distance.
Legend tells that there was a gibbet at the top -
But no evidence has ever been found!

Looking back towards Peel Tower,
Other runners following me!

I think the remains of Grants tower are over there.
That is the Irwell valley. After the turn round place at Helmshore
the route took us back via Summerseat.