Great Bedwyn

These are the inscriptions on the War Memorial.

Great War 1914 -1918
R.S.M H. J. Bartholomew D.C.M.
Sergt. W. T. Bushnell
Cpl. J. Biggs
Bombr. F. A. Lovelock
L. Cpl. A. E. Broadway
C. C. Bull
F. Cope
A. E. French
J. L. Gigg
L. M. Williams
C. J. Skippence
J. Goodman
E. C.(G?) Lovelock
F.C. Bushnell    Wilts
F. H. Edwards    Wilts
A. C. Hatter       M. C. C. (M. G. G.)
H. G. Hatter       London Scottish
W. J. R. Hoare     R. Berks
A. Hunt              R. F.
F. Hunt             Wilts
L. Hart              Wilts
H. Mills             Wilts
F. W. Rodgers    K S L I
G. J. Stagg         Wilts
G. Webster        RMI
T. Webster         Devons

There are also inscriptions behind the central column which I did not photograph - Don't know why?

On the front of the column is the list of the fallen in the Second World War
R.F Burgess  Acting P/O R.N.
F.J. Cambridge  M.N.
T. P. Baker        M.N.
W. T. G Cope  STOKER P/O
J. A. Collier   C.S.M. Wiltshire Regt.
R.E.F. Ruen   Cpl R. Berkshire Regt.
W.A. Grace    Sapper  R.E.
D. McLeod Craik  F/O   R.A.F.
P.A.D. Lawrence  Sgt A/C R.A.F.
D.E.L. Trench   F/LT    RAF
W.J. Hart   F/Sgt  R.A.F.

These are a collection of pictures in the Great Bedwyn Churchyard that I believed may have been related to my wife's Mills Family, The names include Pocock, Lovelock and Mills. It seems that none of the Mills are directly related to my wife's family, even if the names and the dates are almost right! The Mills family are rather large. Pococks and Lovelocks are directly related so a lot of teasing out information here!
Samuel William Pocock

Samuel Pocock,  Mary Tuckwell

Charles Lovelock

Fanny Mills, Ellen Alna Wilmott, John and Charlotte Wilmott

Tristian Robert Lovelock

Frederick Thomas Lovelock

Elsie Mary Lovelock & Richard Lovelock

Ellen Mills, Edward Walter Mills, Edward A. J. Mills, Reginald Ernest Mills

Maurice Lovelock

Lawrence Lovelock

Raymond Arthur Lovelock

Kenneth Frederick Lovelock

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