St Michael-on-Wyre Church interior

The list of Vicars and Rectors.
(Got to compare this list with the information at this website!
There are many discrepancies with the researched material from the British History website compared to the board, dates and spellings as well as one or two omissions.)
There is a very nice dedication below

My Transcription: I have little idea when this board was made. (See below) The last two additions are different in "feel" to the rest of the board.

1208?  Magister Matthew
1214?  Magister Macy
1325   Sir William de Halderstone
1370   William Hornby
1380?  Thomas de Herdwick
1427  Richard Raby
144?  Thomas Waynewright
146?  William Houghton
1508  Robert Richardson
1527  John Preso
1530  Christopher Gradell
1534  Michael Thornborough
1549  Thomas Cross
1577  Adam Woolfenden
1628  Nicholas Bray
1651  Henry Jenny
1659  Nathaniel Baxter
1663  John Greenwood
1668 Thomas Robinson
1715  Richard Cromelholme
1729  William Cromelholme
1765  Richard Oliver
1768  Anthony Swainson
1784  Charles Buck
1789  Hugh Hornby
1847  William Hornby
1885  Phipps John Hornby
1919  Hugh Leycester Hornby
1930  Henry Leonard Fosbrooke
1938 John Henry Shackleton Bailey
1952  John Alexander Thomson
1955  Ernest William Roulson
1973  Lawrence Davies
1985  Kenneth Harry Gibbons

This board was erected 
as a memorial to
 Hugh Phipps 
Born 10th March 1849
Died 3rd of May 1944

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