"The real price of fish is the lives of men"

The Fleetwood based trawlers listed here came to grief on fishing operations at the cost of life. Many other Fleetwood fishermen have been killed or injured in ships great or small in peace and war from Morecambe Bay to beyond the Arctic Circle

BELOVAR 4/12/13, All Hands (10), N. of Barra Head
DORIS 21/1/14, All Hands (10), Isle of Coll
CLARA BELLA Feb 1914, All Hands (13), Iceland
FANNY Feb 1917, All Hands (10), Hebrides
SWAN 7/3/21, 6 Lost, Off Lands End
ANGLE 8/1/24, All Hands (13), Isle of Man
ANIDA 18/10/24, 9 lost, Isle of Islay
CORMORAN 12/1/26, 7 lost, Islay
SALMONBY 23/3/26, 11 lost, North Sea
GAUL 3/4/26, 7 lost, Tiree
CARTEGENA, Jan '28, All hands(12), Irish Sea
BRIARLYN, 13/2/28 8 lost, St Kilda
MALAGA, 18/10/35, All Hands(12) Irish Sea
WINOOKA, 15/3/36 3 lost, St Kilda
KODAMA, 4/12/36, All Hands (12), West Scotland
SAN SEBASTION, 10/1/37, 4 lost, Islay Sound
BOSTONIAN, Jan '38, All Hands(12) S of Barra Head
EXMOUTH, 9/3/38, 3 lost, Islay
ALCAZAR 12/8/38, 7 lost, Irish Sea
WELLVALE, September '39, All Hands(12), Hebrides(U-Boat)
CRESWELL,November '39, 6 lost, Hebrides (U-Boat)
SULBY, November '39, 5 lost, Hebrides (U-Boat)
WILLIAM HUMPHREYS, Nov '39 All hands (13, Hebrides (U-Boat)
BARBARA ROBERTSON, December '39, One lost, NW Scotland (U-Boat)
MERISIA, 26/1/40, All Hands (12) Isle of Man
LOWDOCK, March '40, 11 lost, Humber Estury
OONA HALL, 28/5/40, 8 lost, Irish Sea
THOMAS DEAS 6/2/41, All Hands (12), Humber Estuary
KINCORTH 12/6/4, 3 lost, Anglesey
LADY LOVE, 30/8/41, All Hands, Iceland (U-Boat)
KING ERIK 8/9/41, All Hands, (U-Boat)
NORDALE, 15/1/42, 5 lost, Mull of Galloway
GALLINULE, 14/3/42, 3 lost, Skerryvore
HONDO, 29/11/42, All Hands, Off Barra Head
LOIS, 5/1/47, 1 lost, Iceland
BENGHAZI 24/4/47, 2 lost, Firth of Lorne
DHOON, 12/12/47, 3 lost, Iceland
GOTH, 16/12/48, All Hands(21), Iceland
MICHAEL GRIFFITHS, 31/1/53, All Hands(13), Off Barra Head
HILDINA, 1/12/53, 6 Lost, Muckle Fugga
EVELYN ROSE 31/12/54, 12 lost, Sound of Mull
RED FALCON, 14/12/59, All Hands (19) Skerryvore

The Gaul that was lost in 1974 was a ship from Hull. There was much speculation - but it was modified unlawfully and Soviet or American Submarine activity has been ruled out. Not to be confused with the Gaul that sank from Fleetwood. This website has much more information both current and historical. Originating page

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