Blackpool and the Fylde College

These are photos taken from around the campus in the spring of 2011. These are just shots of the campus at Palatine road. The building on the right is Montreal building. Used to be the gym with the Students Union on top, together with a cafe. Now full of Performing Arts students! More information and Pix to be added in due course.

The rear of the main building from the "bridge"looking towards media and the music studio. This has already changed,. Even as I write the windows in the main block are being renewed(Oct 2011)

Looking down the main stairs. This entrance is no longer used. The principal's office was on the left.

Inside the Gallery. This was the main hall, and then it was the library. This is looking out to the "bridge" in the general direction of South Building.

The new building, University Campus, used to be a car park! South building in the background through the gap. The building to the left is the new theatre. Used by music students and theatre students throughout their courses.
The lawn wasn't here initially. This was mostly concrete where the building students used to practice.

The West corridor from the foyer. The main building floors have been renovated, taken years off the old girl.

Looking up the stairs from the foyer. The plaque is clearly visible There used to be a door through to a little "secret" room! This is the back wall of the gallery.
Radar Facility at Fleetwood Docks
Inflatable Boat at Fleetwood Docks

Half way up the stairs. Facing one of the memorial plaques. The other faces it on the opposite side. The main building has 3 floors. This is the top floor.
Looking down the stairs from the same point. These two doors open onto the back of the gallery. There was a little room that had Stage control equipment, a library store and a mini tutorial room.

The new principalship has a constant policy of improvement and renovation. The college looks very well, up to date yet still retains an air of tradition. Bang on.

Needed to add this.
When Ansdell Campus burned down, the Hair and Beauty students had to be accomodated somewhere. I believe several places were mooted but the college actually used the old Job Centre in the centre of St Annes. I think it was for about 12 to 18 months. A bit of a black time in the history of the college.  The new Ansdell Campus is superb. I own up to having been a part-time student in the old Ansdell, doing some work in the new Ansdell. But also did some work in the building below!

Taken from the church car park - some windows smashed (let me out!)

Same angle!

This is where the lift equipment is - now powered by pigeon!

The back of the building - completely boarded up - when will it be flattened?
Soon please!

No students are imprisoned in the new block - Shortlist anyone? Already got a couple lined up!

This is the other "campus" in St Annes. Now been turned into rather nice apartments. At the start of my teaching career. taught here. Could leave the house at 5 to 7 and still be early for the lesson.  I believe it was independant until it was sucked into the larger college. Very nice and tasteful. Must blag my way in and take a couple of pix of the entrance hall. I don't believe it will have changed.
A beautifully built Accrington brick building. The stone has been out of the direct blast of the sea and has weathered extremely well.

Taken from the SE corner. Clifton Drive to the right of shot

The main entrance. Just about standing on the edge of Clifton Drive.
North is to the right

NOV 28 1906

The Southern wing. The Admin office was the middle set of windows.
The foundation stone is below.

The flush Bracket and the Carnegie library is behind.

This called a Flush Bracket. Situated on the North East corner of the building.
Used for surveying. a fuller description can be found here but this is an excerpt from the Database.
Logged Visits
Visited on 12th November 2009 by RHW. Grid reference: SD 3241 2835. Condition: Good.
NE face N angle of main building, just inside gate, 20m back from road.

Visited on 27th October 2008 by LesC. Grid reference: SD 3241 2835. Condition: Good.
The College has been refurbished and turned into College Court Apartments at 252 Clifton Drive South. FB seems to have been refurbished too!
Hard to believe people collect this stuff. However I have snippets of info on this blogsite too!

The rear of the building. This window needs photographing from inside!

The rear. One of these rooms was big enough to get Terry Reaney's big band in. Pretty desruptive if they practiced on the night you taught!

The front building is the library. At the back is the college.

Library at the front again. The college at the rear.

Tken from the grounds of the library. More or less viewing South.

The libary

The rear entrance. I think this is new. Possibly one of the top rooms was the cafe.

Looking from the prom, down links road towards St Thomas Road.
My teaching room was the middle room on the top floor
Much of the property locally was built about the beginning of the 20th century. St Annes was on the up.

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