The Sacred Heart Church Blackpool

This datastore page is linked to the memorial blog of the Sacred Heart Church in Blackpool. It is indeed ma magnificent piece of architercture. Very peaceful and seemingly a lot larger inside than it appears from outside. There is a history of the church here.

Here are the pictures. Some are duplicates of the memorial blog.

Thomas Swarbrick memorial

Blackpool Civic Trust
Church of the Sacred Heart
Opened on the 8th of December 1857 as the first Roman Catholic Church in Blackpool, services being previously held  in the nearby Railway Hotel.
the western part of the building was designed by the 20 year old architect Edward W. Pugin and was followed by the extension of the large octagonal extension in 1894
Despite its appearance, the building is of brick construction and is only faced with stonework.
the church interior has many interesting features including the pipes from the former Waterloo Cinema organ.

View from the south entrance. The town hall is the large building with the clock.. Clifton Hotel is to the right. Corporation building are to the left of the town hall. Where the painted shutter are is the remains of Yates Wine Lodge.

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