Edward Earl of Wessex, February 7th 2012

On February the 7th. 2012, Edward the Earl of Wessex visited Blackpool and Fylde College. He specifically visited the School of Creative Arts as well as the new University Centre. He was impressed.

I was in the fortunate position of talking to him just after he had been briefed by the Principal Pauline Waterhouse OBE. He asked me what I did and how long I had been at the college. He was extremely personable and I found him instantly likeable with a great aura. Firm handshake too.

Maybe I broke protocol - just stuck out my hand and he took it -moments hesitation. Seemed really genuinely interested in everything that was going on. Nice Chap! Family tradition has been maintained. My mother met his dad!
These are my photos.

Edward arriving outside University Campus

Striding from the car, about to meet the principal, Pauline Waterhouse

In the background is South Building

Talking to Students from School of Creative Arts
The students are really impressed, Edward seems really at ease with them
Any attempt of the security men to keep us away was really not forcible!

I think Edward enjoyed the day

!0 Seconds before he spoke to me!

Great Day for the college!


  1. You didn't mention the ripped trouser episode though did you???

  2. I thought that maybe It would be too shocking for the seventh in line to the throne!