Brucefield- Truro

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There is a link to Andrew and Lucy's mother's probate here. The sisters were still alive at the time.

St Paul's church - now locked up - from the main road. There is no way to Agar Road from this road other than a footpath. This church can be seen in the scanned sepia pages.

From Agar Road

The letter showing the change of ownership from Roberts to Tonkin. I presume my Aunts owned it before Roberts

Hallway looking to the front door. The tiles on the floor are original
Brucefield from the front; note, no balustrade!
The lefthand side of the house

From the rear

From the rear but showing the adjoining property

Not sure there was table tennis in Andrews's day!

Front Garden

Lefthand side of front Garden

The entrance to "Brucefield" from Agar Road

The entrance to Agar Road - "Brucefield" is down the hill on the left.

The second page of the diary

Picture of "Brucefield" circa 1920's

Andrew and Lucy Martyn-Clark

This is the same St Paul's as the photos at the top

This is puzzling. I know the paper must date from around 1940 ish. I can only think that the Aunts had seen this in the local paper and the diary had been built later than the 1920's, because these pages are in order. However it shows the balustrade - was it repaired then? it certainly does not exist now.
This is an addition from the "Coracle" published in August 1942.

I do not have permission to publish this information - I have however forwarded this to hopefully interested parties.

Hi all:
Margaret Ann Mortimore born September 9, 1933 was in the Royal Cornwall
Infirmary quite ill. They changed her ward so her parents Percy and Mabel
Mortimore went to hospital to make sure she was comfortable when the German's
dropped the bomb and killed all three plus more. They left a son Keith age 4
and he was then raised by Dorothy Mae Hulson his grandmother. Keith is a cousin
of mine. I'm sure he would be grateful for the members of his family to be
remembered. Keith does not have a e-mail but his daughter-in-law does and I
will let Sue know.
My cousin lived in Penzance at the time of the war and of course everything was
rationed. They did not know what they would have for Christmas dinner when a
package arrived from Grass Valley, Ca. with a canned chicken in it from my
parents. When I visited Isabel last summer, she got tears in her eyes even
Thank you to all for the rememberaance.
Mary Lou (Buckthought) Gibson
Very Hot 107F Anderson, CA.

"August 6th 1942 - August 6th 2002-07-29
At 7p.m. on August 6th 1942 a German Heinkel raided Truro. Machine guns
firing, it flew low over the City, dropping two bombs. One hit the City
Hospital, where five people, staff and patients, were killed. The other
exploded over Brucefield, in Agar road, which was the home of my
grandfather, who was Chaplain to the Convent of the Epiphany. My earliest
childhood memory is of the ceiling coming down on to my bed, and my brother'
s cot was filled with plaster. A friend of my mother ran out of the house
and was killed by the machine-gun fire, as was a man crossing Agar Road.
At 7p.m. on August 6th 2002 I shall celebrate Holy Communion for the Feast
of the Tansfiguration in St. Paul's, Agar Road: we shall remember those who
died in the raid and pray for Peace and Reconciliation between the nations.
David Steven
Priest-in-Charge Mullion
Rural Dean of Kerrier"

(The Coracle's website can be found at:

I have had a look at the paper of the time, and found several names of
causualties, but the list is not complete.
I have a memory of someone on the list talking about this raid. Please, if
you can help with any of the people concerned, let me know so they can be
remembered at the service (and a definative list kept at the Royal
Institution of Cornwall's Courtney Library)

Percy Arnold MORTIMORE, aged 33, service manager at a garage
Mabel Louise MORTIMORE, aged 34, his wife
Margaret Ann MORTMORE, aged 8, their daughter
(left a 4 year-old son)

Alfred Edward PENTICOST, aged 41, G.P.O. staff (left a widow)

Harold Percival WILLIAMS, ged 54, (left a widow, 2 daughters and a son)

Mrs Margaret MORLEY and her son
Pte. Frederick MORLEY, aged 23 of Leeds

Sister Kathleen C PEACOCK - hospital staff
Nurse Rachel Joan Dorcas APPLEBY - hospital staff



Veronica at The Lizard


Lucy Martyn-Clark

Visitors! I know these were not family - they have drifted into the sand of time seemingly. I think many of the photos were taken by Miss Hampton and Miss Callender.


Edith was the tall aunt. I am sure the writing is hers

More visitors! My father would have been about 8 or 9 at the time

One part of the Rodgers family shot off to the east coast. The writing detailing Mary is my mothers. She annotated a great deal of the history
Mary Rodgers

I think this was a housekeeper.


Pretty sure that this is Lucy in the middle - but it is Aunt Edith on the bottom left.

Jamie and Beatrice!

Lucy and Andrew

Edith adored flowers

Does this mean they left Brucefield in 1935 - It would fit in with history of the house. A last farewell shot perhaps?

Tremorrah - North coast of Cornwall

The last picture in the Album. I don't believe the date is 1942 - Andrew and Lucy were  in the forces at this time. They are the ones on the left.

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