Andrew Martyn-Clark

This page will be in constant change as new information keeps getting added. This is linked to the source page on the nearly-midnight blog. There are going to be mostly photographs, but it seems blogger will allow quite extensive annotations. It was important for me to start writing about my father. I miss not asking him stuff about his childhood and details. But we spent quite a lot of time together and although he was close - I think in someways he was quite guarded. But there again HE had at least one secret to keep with my mother. What he would have said when I found out I can only guess.

With his Grandmother Sarah Rodgers (Sarah Read)

Taken abroad, I believe in Burma


Cornwall about 14

Just signed up - The artilleryman

Demobbed 5 or 6 years later - A lifetime

Andrew top left with the Aunts and a family friend in Cornwall at Sundew Cottage.

Epsom schoolboy.

Andrew's year at Epson. He is bottom left
With Aunt T'ig

Washing the dog with his mum.

Ethel Maud Rodgers, Andrew's Mum

Below are a set of references which have been stored in the family history. They chart his career progression from Walshaw School. I always got the impression that he wanted to leave very badly. However the reference is an excellent one. I do not recall my father having difficulties getting jobs in the teaching profession. He much preferred to be working in the class room. I do not think management was for him. Staff who did not perform to his exacting requirements would have driven him crackers.

Reading University Pass Slip

Birkenshaw Hall reference

Birkenshaw Hall Special School for Spastics

Bury Technical College, Mr Mellor - I met him!

Claremont Open Air School

Walshaw Primary School - W Orrel (Billy Orrell)

Walshaw Primary School - Rev Phillips

Walshaw Primary School - W Orrell -
Second refence

One of father's enduring passions was his lilies. This is not the picture that was published in the Bury Times - Its just like it though.
Photographed at Brookhouse. The stonework was 135 Holcombe Road. The concrete was the middle one. (ours). My father was justifiably proud of the lilies. (Lilium Auratum). They gave of such a memorable smell. Think of him always when I smell them. Photo labelled summer '61.

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  1. He was my teacher at Walshaw School. I always remember his maths class many a day you had to duck when in shear frustration (I think) the old fashioned board duster would come flying across the room. Cannot remember it ever hitting anyone though.......... He lived at Brooksbottoms Tottington/Greenmouth. I obviously had no idea of his background so found these pictures etc extremely interesting.

    You said earlier in you site that you did not know what happened to Rev Phillips. Something tells me he went a broad on missionary work but cannot remember the country.